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Feature Plan

Дорожна карта для сайта.

Инструкция для установки:


These steps must be completed in the order that they are listed.

1. To install, upload the XML file via:
AdminCP -> Pages -> Databases -> Create New -> Upload Database -> Install

2. AdminCP -> Pages -> Templates -> Featureplan -> recordRow.
Find "field_53" and change the number to match your Status field.
You can find your field ID by editing the Status field in Feature Plan and looking at the URL. It will be at the end of the URL. For example: "&id=12". So you'd use "field_12".

3. AdminCP -> Pages -> Pages -> Add Page -> Manual HTML -> Content tab -> Add database from sidebar.

Settings and permissions can be configured to your liking by editing the database (and database fields) after import.

Additional Steps Required

After installing the database, you will need to upload the CSS required to make the page functional.

AdminCP -> Pages -> Templates -> New -> Add CSS File -> Name: status (leave the group setting untouched)   -> Copy/paste the contents of statusCSS.txt into the template and save.

AdminCP -> Pages -> Pages -> Select the page you're adding the Release Notes to -> Includes tab -> Checkmark the CSS file you just created and save.



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