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    About radio

    Welcome to the official site of Radio IPSForum! You won't hear any bad songs here. Only carefully selected popular compositions, for the service of the public. Russian-language and foreign pop-music, novelties and time-tested hits. Invigorating and life-affirming motives. Broadcasting is conducted around the clock. The project does not have its own FM frequency (and, accordingly, territorial reference). This is an online radio, you can listen to it from anywhere in the world. Even a weak internet connection will suffice.

    Pros and "goodies"

    So, how does IPSForum Radio differ from other radio stations? First of all, the attitude towards the audience. The owners and presenters of Radio IPSForum respect their listeners. Therefore, on air:

        No annoying ads - This is a downside to the distribution of modern radio stations: commercials are played more often than good songs. Fortunately, our channel has a different policy. Nothing will distract you from listening to your favorite popular music.
        No idle chatter - IPSForum Radio DJs are very busy people. Every day they search for the best and most relevant hits for you. They just don't have time for meaningless conversations about anything. Of course, radio broadcasts sometimes sound on the air. But, firstly, not so often. And secondly, they perform there exclusively on business: for example, they conduct reviews of new music.
        No interference - Radio IPSForum Developed by competent and conscientious people. They paid special attention to the player. The result is an easy-to-use tool that does not "hang" or "slow down".

    Another distinctive feature is that the listeners of "Radio IPSForum" can choose the songs that will be played by themselves. The song can be "ordered". Of course, only those recordings that fit the radio station's format will be allowed on the air.

    How to listen to Radio IPSForum?

    You can listen to online radio in different ways:

        From the main page of the official site - Built-in audio player at the top of the site. Click the Play button.
        Direct from the server - Music can be streamed. To do this, follow the link: http://radio.ipsforum.ru:9000/listen128 This playback method will help save traffic, and is suitable for those who have a low Internet speed.
        Through the player installed on your computer - If you are used to listening to audio recordings through Winamp or Windows Media Player - just download the radio station playlist in the appropriate format (.pls, .m3u). Then open the file with your player - enjoy high quality sound!


    Are you listening to "Radio IPSForum" and you want what wonderful song is playing now? It couldn't be easier! The name of the track is displayed on the main page of the official site, at the top of the site.


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