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  1. rights with 777
  2. i want to ask some if you have any idea how i can fix this problem..
  3. Hey, I want to hide these links so that a user who is in a group of users can't see them
  4. I mean, when someone writes a link (http, https, bbw) a certain group, for example, users can not see the link that was sent to personal messages and
  5. how can I make someone who is not from a certain group not see the link even when the link is sent to a personal message Is this possible
  6. Hello, I would like to ask you how I can copy a forum but then when I upload the database to a local server I can make it refer to the local address and not the godfather (website) that is, I want to synchronize the database from a site that is not at a local address, but completely different at this address pulls out the following error and the admin says that there is no such urla
  7. When installing this plugin, I get the following error, how can I manage it and set a credit,
  8. hi all, I want to ask you how I can do something like this... and anyone who wants to download similar files .. will be able to do so by purchasing credit points Is it possible to do such a thing.? thanks in advance!
  9. проблема была в старом плагине для информации о пользователе, проблема уже устранена
  10. Привет как я могу исправить эту ошибку Появляется, когда кто-то пытается зарегистрироваться Appears when someone tries to registerVersion: 5.4.5theme: IPS Default
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