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  1. What does it do? This app will force members to make their first post in in a certain topic(s). You can select the topic that you want to set as must post for first time at the app 's settings page. There you can enter the error message as well as exclude a group and/or groups and members whose post count is more than a certain amount. Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  2. What does it do? Do you want to draw attention and spotlight your favorate and most valuable topics in your forum? With this app you can do just that. You can select a topic and add it to a new page permanently, or for a certain number of days. This is an excellent way imho to present some of your best information to your community. Permission will remain intact. i.e. members will see only the topics that they are allowed to. Categories You can add categories from the app 's Categories page. Categories can be enabled/disabled and you can organise them by dropping a
  3. Maiden8 получил(а) предупреждение от TacTics. Информация предупреждения Спам 03.04.2021 04:42 Баллов: 1 (истечет 01.06.2021 04:42 ) Предупреждение выдано через пост.
  4. Nice & simple - when the "contact us" form is used, the email address provided by the user will be checked against the list of "non-registrable email addresses" in your ban filters. If the email address is on the list then the email won't be sent - but the user won't know that, as they will still get a confirmation that the email has been sent. See this post for the background: - Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  5. What does it do? This app log 5 extra actions of your members and it will display them in their history logs at the Admin Panel and on a new page. The extra actions are as follow. 1. Searching Keywords Whenever a member will search for something in your forum, the keyword/phrase will be logged and displayed on their member history. This can come in handy imo, as it will show you what your members are looking for, so you can make adjustements/changes accordingly to attract more members and get better results. 2. Ignoring Members Whenever a member will ignore someone, i
  6. "(NE) Site Online - Advanced" provides the ability to schedule future "Site Offline" events. Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  7. Plugin formats the user's nickname in his profile. By default, the nickname is not formatted. Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  8. Advanced Widget Settings adds advanced options to the widget settings. You can control all widgets to display for a specific group, specific date and specific URLs. Suppose you want to: Display a widget for a specific user group. Display a widget at a specific date range Disable displaying a widget on a specific date Start displaying a widget on a specific date. Display a widget in a specific URL. Display a widget in a specific URL and its sub-links. When the widget is off, display custom content instead (using the IPS editor) This app does it
  9. ErrorHead Theme ( IPS version 4.5 ) Stand out! This template gives you such an opportunity. Fully responsive, adapted to the latest IPS version, effective and designed for the latest. Permanent support - Write me a private message and you will receive the rank of customer on the codebite.dev/ips (click) View demo (click) Username: demo Password: demo Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  10. Limits signatures to 70px (3 lines), with an expand button to show the full signature. There is no free support available for this plugin. Please see Additional Information for details. Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  11. Tip Me application by @A Zayed... This application will allow users to set their own tip jar url... The original app idea goes to @Tom Irons for versions older than 4.3, this app is developed from scratch and sponsored by @Circo App features: Select user groups allowed to set their own tip jar URL. Select user groups allowed to tip other users. Set tip button text. Set specific payment services URLs. View list of all urls set by users. Track all url clicks in a single page. Support for forums topics, blog entries and files in download ce
  12. Track and Display Content Viewers in your Invision Community Socially so other users can see who's viewing what. For moderation to see what content, and when, members are viewing when trouble occurs. Widget displays for social display of this information. Modal pop-up tables for more detailed views. ACP action to wipe all logs. Forums-per-Topic action to wipe just that log. ACP member views has member's views right there for perusal. GDPR-compliance! When a member wants their data, and you use the ACP tool to download such, their member view
  13. Server table showing server information about the status, name, number of players, current map and their owners as applications on IPS Community Suite. === Demo === Other features: Set your own fields for the server: Name, Own name, IP, Own IP, Statistics URL, TV URL, Vote URL, Forum URL, Highlight for the server, Special badge for the new server, Hiding server owners in button, The scroll that the user can control, Color filling of players, RWD, Lazy loading in img icons, Table in 2 columns that the user can control R
  14. This app will allow the admins to force members to ignore eachother by way of adding to members ignore lists. I will display an overview of the ignore log as well, so they can keep tabs as to who is ignoring whom. Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  15. Pretty much what it says in the name - this will highlight the differences between edits made by users, as long as you have the 'Edit log' setting set to store the edits. See the following for the background: This application makes use of Caxy Interactive's 'PHP-HTMLDIFF' library, which is available for use under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (version 2). No modifications have been made to the source code of this library Website: https://github.com/caxy Repository: https://github.com/caxy/php-htmldiff License: https://github.com/caxy/php-htmldiff/blob/master/LICENS
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