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  1. Plugin Application which will allow search results, and therefore Activity streams, to display the first image attachment from a post alongside any textual content from the post itself. Sponsored by @BlueEye Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  2. This application will allow you place a "Quick Escape" button in place on your site. What is a "Quick Escape" button? A "Quick Escape" button is a tool which allows the user to quickly close the web page they are currently on, replacing it with a configured site, and also opening a new tab/window with another configured site displayed. This functionality is commonly used on support sites related to violence, bullying or other sensitive topics that people may need to close quickly for reasons of privacy. Features Admin configurable settings, applied globally to configured groups Optional setting to allow those configured group to control their own version of the settings User can click a button to open the 2 configured pages, or press the 'Esc' key to quickly redirect the existing page only Widget available to allow placing of the button in widget areas on the site, regardless of user-configuration. Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  3. The application integrates Yandex.Webmaster into your community on Invision Community. The main page displays all the most basic information about the site - the number of critical errors and recommendations, SQI, page indexing chart and sitemap files. Sitemap A sitemap will help speed up the indexing of your website pages, and also prevent the Yandex robot from skipping indexing pages that are important to you. Upload a new sitemap. Remove old card. View information and the number of errors in the file. External links One of the important parameters of any site. Track the dynamics of acquiring new external links directly from the ACP. Data table. A special section in the admin center contains a table with data: how and where the external link is from and where, as well as the date when this link was noticed by the Yandex search robot. Sorting and Searching. You can sort the data in the table by the date it was found, and also quickly find links by source. External link history. View a convenient graph of the history of changes in external links to the site with the ability to select a time period. Search queries The 'Search queries' section will show you the top popular queries for which your site is shown in Yandex search. The table contains the number of impressions / clicks of a particular request and its average position. History of requests. For each key request, you can track the dynamics of clicks and impressions for a certain time. So you can understand how your community is progressing for specific keys. Site diagnostics Get diagnostic reports on the health of your site in real time. There are 4 types of reports, which differ in their importance: Fatal errors, critical problems, possible problems and recommendations. And other Notifications. You can configure the receipt of notifications for a specific event, for example, when a site parameter is changed or when a critical error occurs on the site. History of SQI. Track the Site Quality Index and view the history of its changes. You can also download the history of SQI for a certain period of time in CSV format. Broken links. Control the broken links of your site! The table shows the source page of the broken link, where it leads, and the date the link was discovered by the robot. It's simple: fewer broken links - fatter plus for the site. Search pages. Some pages on your site may be excluded from the search. This section will show the latest indexing events, where in the table you will see the pages and their indexing status. Monitoring important pages. Certain sections or pages of your site may be of particular value to you. You can add them for tracking. This way you will receive a notification when the HTTP status of the page or its important Description and Title tags have changed. Re-indexing pages. You can send up to 130 pages for reindexing every day. For this, a special button has been created right on the site. This makes Yandex bots more likely to find out about your new or changed content. Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  4. PiskadMof получил(а) предупреждение от TacTics. Информация предупреждения Ник не по правилам 12.07.2021 01:59 Предупреждение выдано через профиль.
  5. The application will add the ability to set up authorization on your community using the Telegram bot. To configure you need to create a bot and assign community url address. Bot setup instructions. Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  6. Aslan получил(а) предупреждение от TacTics. Информация предупреждения Нецензурные выражения 05.07.2021 19:09 Баллов: 1 (никогда не истечет) Предупреждение выдано через профиль.
  7. Zero108 получил(а) предупреждение от TacTics. Информация предупреждения Предупреждение 01.07.2021 18:37 Баллов: 20 (никогда не истечет) - Запретить размещать контент: : Until 01.07.2021 23:37 Предупреждение выдано через пост.
  8. Display a members secondary groups in select locations throughout the forum. Including topic, hovercard and profile view. Select which secondary groups display and the order in which they display. Features Display a members secondary groups in the post row, hovercard and profile. Select which secondary groups are displayed and the order they are displayed. Enable group formatting for all instances of secondary groups. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  9. This application adds the support for PayOp. It uses the hosted payment page provided by PayOp. Start accept 300+ payment methods ranging from local payment service to international cards. Application features Lets you accept all payments through the hosted payment page by PayOp. Put an additional fee (precentage or amount) on top of the invoice amount on the checkout. Requires a verified project on PayOp. Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  10. Converts the current value of hovercard activity to real time along with its last activity. Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  11. The application has: Group legend: Group in ipsMenu, Enabling / disabling the search engine after clicking on a group, Custom group formatting, Ability to select more than one group when searching by clicking on a group, Can be included in whosOnline and activeUsers widgets Who Was Online: Custom time range (in hours), Possibility to show users in the widget in the following quantity: limited, unlimited or none, Sorting possible, Showing the highest quantity on a given day, Cached Widget Contact: 2 categories: Administrator and Moderator, Links: PM, Discord (After clicking, the ID is automatically copied), Steam, Facebook, Linkedin Responsibilities (Edit by CKEditor), Highlight Groups: Custom colors for "Highlight replies" (Global), Custom highlighted blocks in profiles, Birthday: Special block in the profile, Special icon in the profile and in the userHovercard. Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  12. Юра Русин получил(а) предупреждение от TacTics. Информация предупреждения Регистрация более 1-го аккаунта 21.06.2021 19:32 Баллов: 10 (никогда не истечет) - Запретить размещать контент: : Until 22.06.2021 00:32 Предупреждение выдано через профиль.
  13. This plugin will allow you to choose to display custom profile fields on the 'Quick Registration' sign-up form. Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  14. Navigation Toolkit is a plugin to add some useful tools in your navigation area. it will be added alongside User bar at the header and have these features: Progress page bar when scrolling the page. with plugin side setting it's possible to give different color for this progress bar. Dark Mode/Light Mode button. smoothly change theme color from light to dark or dark to light mode. (Note: only tested on IPS default theme) Font resize button. with plugin side setting, it's possible to give user two choice for font size: default size or large font size. Refresh page button Go to top button Go to bottom button Setting for fixed Navigation bar Demo Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
  15. Legend Magazine is a series of Advanced Templates designed for IPS Pages App. This templates are accompanied with a powerful plugin, gives many customization, styles and re-orientation choices for these templates. Legend Magazine Templates can be assigned to already exist or newly created Database within IPS Pages app. Key Feature: Ajax Page Load. allows users to quickly navigate between in-database Pages back and forth. Magazine Look and Neat Design with many customization freedom for Database(Show article)/Database(Show categories)/Category/Display Article view of your database. Great for Content oriented databases like Articles, News ... Custom navigation bar at the top. allows to have constant access to every useful options in each page. Custom sidebar at the left, can be open/close by user. Sidebar have items like User menu, Links to all categories within a database. with plugin setting, it is possible to add more links as well. Database and Category each one have Two different "Theme" can be choose in Plugin setting. each theme also come with it's own style customization. Display article view also come with Three different theme. more importantly it's possible to change every article theme right through article submit/edit form. with this optional feature, authors can assign one of these three theme to article when they want to send /or/ edit an already exist article. Support Color scheme of IPS Default/Custom themes. gives freedom to admin to use their own theme color scheme (useful for multi-color communities) or use Legend Magazine Plugin for completely custom color scheme. Demo Requirements: IPS Pages 4.5 More Pages app templates Legend News Legend Articles Legend Blocks Legend Profiles Просмотр полной статьи на официальном сайте
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