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  1. @Shinobi Thank you. Don't worry about it, I managed to buy it from the theme creator without using the marketplace just a few days ago.
  2. Could you please guide me through the process? Again, I am willing to pay 40 dollars (because I can't get it from the IPS marketplace, and 53 dollars on his store is way too much already), like you said in the beginning. How do I transfer the money? How much time does it take for me to get the product delivered?
  3. I got 5 more dollars, and I can buy it instantly from here whenever you put it on sale. Thank you in advance for helping me.
  4. Alright, I am going to get 5 more dollars and buy it from here for 40 dollars. Please mention me when I can buy it. @TacTics
  5. I am willing to pay for it, but my problem is that I only have 35 dollars.. Is the price fixed, or could it be brought down a little bit.
  6. Nexxe Theme [Dark/Light] Hello, is there anyone that has access to the file and could share it? Thanks in advance.
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