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  1. Hello dear @TacTics Why did you put the Chatbox FREE 4.2.2 App as a VIP file?! Are you asking for $100 (vip membership request) to download a free file?! While this Appis free and the cost of the plus version is only $40?! This is a completely free app! And I don't understand your behavior!
  2. Hi again, I got it & we are waiting for it dear @Shinobi Thanks a lot ?
  3. Hello everyone! Is there anyone that has access to download the new Chatbox FREE 4.2.2 (compatible with PHP 8 & IPS 6.4) and could share it with all of us? This free app is really needed by all of us and I am surprised it has not been released (updated) yet! Thanks and Regards. ? https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7465-chatbox-free
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